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Category: Vata And Friends

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Vata, Housepets Style
22-Oct-12 9:58 PM

Vata Sleepy Dance
16-Aug-12 1:07 AM

Vata Gets Ankle-Bitten
14-Aug-12 10:30 PM

Vata Croons - Pencils
03-Aug-12 1:02 AM

Bouncy Vata!
22-May-12 12:04 AM

Vata - Sweet Vest and Loincloth
06-Apr-12 7:15 PM

Griffe Crouches Nude
13-Mar-12 1:10 AM

Vata Tummy Rubs Self
12-Mar-12 12:31 AM

Vata Gets Some Shadings....
05-Mar-12 12:52 AM

Vata Points And Grabs - Flats
02-Mar-12 12:55 AM

Vata Points And Grabs - Inky!
29-Feb-12 1:28 AM

Vata Points And Grabs
28-Feb-12 1:09 AM

27-Feb-12 1:48 AM

Vata's Sack
20-Dec-11 1:33 AM

Vata's Wang With Shading Tweaks...
24-Nov-11 1:09 AM

More Fun With Vata's Wang
09-Nov-11 1:46 AM

Seth's Best Side - Final
05-Oct-11 11:41 PM

Griffe is Shady!
30-Sep-11 12:18 AM

Griffe With Flats...
29-Sep-11 1:11 AM

Griffe Returns...
28-Sep-11 12:52 AM

Seth Butt - Shading... Argh
20-Sep-11 12:22 AM

Seth Butt Flats
19-Sep-11 1:43 AM

Seth's Butt - Bamboo Ink
15-Sep-11 11:56 PM

Vata's Wang Pencils - NSFW
14-Sep-11 12:09 AM

Vata's WangWIP - NSFW
13-Sep-11 12:41 AM

Doodle - Vata Acts Shy
25-Aug-11 1:09 AM

More Stomp Progress
08-Aug-11 11:36 PM

Vata Stomps Harder - More shading...
08-Aug-11 12:17 AM

Vata Stomps Harder - Shading Starts
12-Jul-11 11:52 PM

Vata Stomps a Fox, Flats!
10-Jul-11 11:43 PM

Vata Stomp 2: Stomp Harder - INKED
03-Jul-11 11:36 PM

Seth With Finger Cymbals
30-Jun-11 1:26 AM

Vata Stomp 2: Stomp Harder
30-Mar-11 12:44 AM

Vata Hand Jivin'
05-Mar-11 6:22 PM

Vata From Slightly Overhead
03-Dec-10 1:33 AM

Griffe in a Bad Easy Chair
02-Dec-10 1:43 AM

Cymballic Vata
15-Nov-10 12:04 AM

Paging Doctor Thong
01-Nov-10 12:53 AM

Coy Vata
29-Oct-10 12:41 AM

Vata Lounging About
21-Sep-10 12:36 AM

Dance Like an Egyptian
31-Aug-10 12:17 AM

Griffe In his Towel Final
22-Aug-10 10:29 PM

Griffe Towel Shaded!
18-Aug-10 12:57 AM

Griffe In A Towel - Avec Flats!
16-Aug-10 11:13 PM

Griffe in a Towel - Inked
16-Aug-10 12:34 AM

Vata Gropes Final
12-Aug-10 12:24 AM

Vata Gropes WIP Again
11-Aug-10 1:17 AM

Vata Gropes Himself - New Shading - WIP
10-Aug-10 12:05 AM

Bondage Vata Inked
17-Jul-10 3:36 PM

Vata Benched
15-Jul-10 8:05 AM

Griffe In a Towel
13-Jul-10 12:53 AM

Vata's Eyes
06-Jul-10 1:46 AM

Vata on the Kitchen Island
03-Jul-10 11:29 AM

Vata Upshot
02-Jul-10 1:00 AM

Vata... You Know.
08-Jun-10 12:56 AM

Vata Gropes Himself - Inked
06-Jun-10 10:24 PM

Vata Gropes Himself
06-Jun-10 1:36 PM

Vata Model Sheet
19-May-10 12:37 AM

Vata STOMP - Inked
05-May-10 11:47 PM

05-May-10 12:22 AM

Another day, Another Pole...
17-Apr-10 5:35 PM

Nurse Vata
08-Apr-10 12:56 AM

Doodle - Poses and Doggy Face
31-Mar-10 9:35 PM

Vata... Bondage Gear... Bean Bag Chair...
07-Mar-10 3:22 PM

Vata With a... Beanbag?
01-Mar-10 1:45 AM

Vata Lounges
21-Feb-10 3:49 PM

Dance Like an Egyptian?
18-Feb-10 12:14 AM

Vata Valentine
16-Feb-10 12:00 AM

Vata Hand Jives
01-Feb-10 1:49 AM

Vata's Butt
25-Jan-10 11:58 PM

Griffe Has a Towel... Thing
25-Jan-10 12:56 AM

Vata Stole Some Clothes...
24-Jan-10 4:43 PM

Vata Climbing... Something
20-Jan-10 1:26 AM

Yay Spasm
08-Nov-09 3:51 PM

Vata Thong Spin
07-Sep-09 12:30 AM

Vata Torments Karishad - Inked!
30-Aug-09 11:59 PM

Griffe in the Boudoir - Final!
24-Aug-09 12:54 AM

WIP - Griffe Boudoir
21-Aug-09 12:55 AM

Vata Veils FINAL
11-Aug-09 1:31 AM

WIP - Vata Veils with Shading
10-Aug-09 12:38 AM

WIP - Vata Veils - Flats
09-Aug-09 2:12 AM

WIP - Vata Veils
07-Aug-09 1:11 AM

More Speedy Vata Painting
04-Aug-09 12:44 AM

Griffe Naked!
02-Aug-09 2:53 PM

Vata Goes for a Ride
01-Aug-09 3:01 PM

Seth Wriggle
30-Jul-09 12:50 AM

Speed Painting Vata
18-Jul-09 2:36 AM

WIP - Yay texture on Griffe!
17-Jul-09 12:27 AM

WIP - Griffe Shaded...
16-Jul-09 12:20 AM

Kneeling Griffe - Flats
14-Jul-09 12:12 AM

Vata Close-up
12-Jul-09 10:32 PM

Stretching? Or Grooving?
08-Jul-09 12:09 AM

Top Hat
06-Jul-09 12:01 AM

Dansen Vata?
22-Jun-09 1:08 AM

Griffe Pokes his Bits
14-Jun-09 2:36 PM

Doodle - Vata Fell
07-Jun-09 11:28 AM

Whee for Armbands
03-Jun-09 11:09 PM

Vata's Snake Thingy is Back
27-May-09 12:16 AM

The Thong Thief
25-May-09 11:55 PM

Christening a Small Sketchbook
09-May-09 1:14 PM

Doodle - Beefcakey Griffe
02-Apr-09 12:40 AM

Deco Vata
25-Mar-09 1:20 AM

Vata Gets Tail-Glommed
15-Jan-09 1:36 AM

Vata Comic Experiment
14-Jan-09 1:30 AM

Dancing and Pointing
04-Jan-09 1:10 PM

Vata Torments Karishad
02-Dec-08 1:17 AM

Griffe Dancey Doodle
27-Nov-08 1:10 AM

Sleepy Fennec
21-Nov-08 1:47 AM

Vata DanceyTime
14-Nov-08 12:00 AM

03-Nov-08 12:08 AM

Agent Dong
13-Oct-08 11:15 PM

Generic Griffe
21-Sep-08 1:12 PM

Seth Gropes Vata
18-Sep-08 12:17 AM

Random Vata Slink...
14-Sep-08 11:12 PM

Just a Peek...
07-Sep-08 1:43 AM

Vata Sac
04-Sep-08 12:53 AM

Seth in the Bedroom
16-Aug-08 1:19 AM

1001 Vata Pics...
13-Aug-08 11:28 PM

Vata Nudie
11-Aug-08 12:46 AM

Never Let Them See You Sweat - Final
22-Jul-08 12:26 AM

Vata on One Foot
19-Jul-08 12:44 PM

Never Let Them Yadda Yadda - Painted
17-Jul-08 1:05 AM

Never Let Them See You Sweat - Shading
15-Jul-08 12:42 AM

Never Let Them See You Sweat - Flats
13-Jul-08 11:41 PM

Bondage Griffe
06-Jul-08 2:55 PM

Um... No.
05-Jul-08 10:52 AM

Never Let Them See You Sweat
03-Jul-08 12:06 AM

Vata's Not Asleep
29-Jun-08 2:58 PM

Sleep Like an Egyptian
27-Jun-08 12:54 AM

Vata Flashdances
21-Jun-08 11:36 AM

Vata on the Wall
16-Jun-08 10:48 PM

Vata's Allegiance
20-May-08 12:00 AM

Random Sethiness
18-May-08 1:20 PM

It's a Ribbon!
17-May-08 12:08 PM

Seth Dances
16-May-08 1:17 AM

14-May-08 12:00 AM

Veil Thingies - Mostly Inked
09-May-08 1:11 AM

WIP - Veil Thingies
08-May-08 12:50 AM

Crap Vata Doodle
04-May-08 10:48 AM

Seth Showers
27-Apr-08 2:30 PM

Seth is Inked...
26-Apr-08 11:21 AM

Vata's Table Service
24-Apr-08 12:35 AM

Vata in a Costume
21-Apr-08 1:00 AM

19-Apr-08 12:31 PM

Seth's Foxy Package
16-Apr-08 10:38 PM

Vata Looking Really Lewd
14-Apr-08 11:48 PM

Vata with Pole
12-Apr-08 11:58 AM

Vata's New Thong
06-Apr-08 12:37 PM

Random Vata Faces
16-Mar-08 1:28 PM

Griffe Pole Dances
12-Mar-08 10:45 PM

WIP - Griffe Pole Dances
11-Mar-08 11:44 PM

Vata and Blanket
07-Mar-08 1:28 AM

Seth in Bedroom - WIP sans Bedroom
19-Feb-08 1:42 AM

High-Contrast Vata
13-Feb-08 1:49 AM

Vata in a Fez
09-Feb-08 1:53 PM

1001 Fennec Nights - Color WIP
06-Feb-08 11:45 PM

1001 Fennec Nights
06-Feb-08 1:53 AM

Prance, Sucker!!!
29-Jan-08 1:30 AM

Twinky Vata
23-Jan-08 1:44 AM

Dancey Dancey
16-Jan-08 1:20 AM

Seth is Unimpressed
11-Dec-07 2:20 AM

Nude Seth (NSFW)
09-Nov-07 2:05 AM

Girly Griffe (Slightly NSFW)
08-Nov-07 1:40 AM

WIP - Sated Pencils
01-Nov-07 12:28 AM

The Look
19-Oct-07 12:37 AM

Something on your mind?
18-Oct-07 12:37 AM

Lean Griffe
09-Oct-07 10:58 PM

Seth's Love Bulge - Final
06-Oct-07 2:53 PM

Seth's Love Bulge - Shading
19-Sep-07 11:02 PM

Seth's Love Bulge - Flats
19-Sep-07 12:19 AM

Seth's Love Bulge - Inks
18-Sep-07 12:15 AM

Seth's Love Bulge
16-Sep-07 3:06 PM

Griffe Ribbon Redux - Final
22-Aug-07 12:50 AM

Griffe Ribbon Redux - Color WIP
21-Aug-07 12:52 AM

Vata Checks his Bum - Nearly Finished!
14-Aug-07 1:01 AM

Vata Checks his Bum - Coloring in Progress
13-Aug-07 12:28 AM

Vata Checks his Bum - Inked
12-Aug-07 2:54 PM

Vata and Friend Snuggle - Inks
07-Aug-07 12:58 AM

Jackal Prince - Model Sheet - Unfinished
30-Jul-07 11:00 AM

Vata Cuddles - Nekkid.
29-Jul-07 4:00 PM

Vata the Morning Fennec
27-Jul-07 1:16 AM

Vata Checks to Make Sure his Bum is Still There
25-Jul-07 1:08 AM

Seth Butt!
12-Jul-07 1:27 AM

Egyptian Vata
05-Jul-07 1:08 AM

Ribbon Malfunction
29-Jun-07 12:19 AM

Ribbon Griffe Redux
28-Jun-07 1:22 AM

Vata - Speed Painting
06-Jun-07 12:35 AM

Vata on a Windy Day
04-Jun-07 12:52 AM

Crouchy Griffe
02-Jun-07 3:17 PM

Fennec Hangtime
28-May-07 1:03 AM

And Finally, Griffe
21-May-07 1:37 AM

Vata in a "Corset"
20-May-07 3:53 PM

Seth Showing Off (again)
19-May-07 2:20 PM

Reaching For...
17-May-07 1:23 AM

730 - Vogue like an Egyptian
13-May-07 4:29 PM

Up Up and Away
03-May-07 1:00 AM

Griffe in the Anteroom
26-Apr-07 1:29 AM

I really like these shorts.
23-Apr-07 1:00 AM

Vata in Doorway
22-Apr-07 2:28 AM

18-Apr-07 12:57 AM

Thrusting Seth
07-Apr-07 12:16 PM

Dancing Bois
24-Mar-07 5:13 PM

Vata Costume Idea
23-Mar-07 1:56 AM

Flat Fennec
19-Mar-07 12:34 AM

Spinning Vata
13-Mar-07 1:04 AM

"Ninja" Vata
08-Mar-07 2:19 AM

Griffe Lounging
04-Mar-07 6:46 PM

Ear Examination
25-Feb-07 5:38 PM

Seth avec Banner
23-Feb-07 2:05 AM

Harnessed Seth
21-Feb-07 2:02 AM

Griffe at a Bar
18-Feb-07 4:00 PM

Le Griffe et Cuffs
03-Feb-07 3:38 AM

Quick Griffe
01-Feb-07 2:19 AM

Vata Pole-Dances
29-Jan-07 2:15 AM

Griffe Dans Le Shorts
26-Jan-07 4:29 PM

Leash on a Griffe
20-Jan-07 3:24 AM

Fox Tease
17-Jan-07 2:20 AM

Seth Butt!!!
15-Jan-07 2:20 AM

Sprawled Vata
06-Jan-07 2:30 AM

Backstage Seth
19-Dec-06 2:27 AM

Vata's Butt
13-Dec-06 2:24 AM

Griffe Returns
11-Dec-06 2:35 AM

Toning Up
04-Dec-06 2:03 AM

Take your Pick
24-Nov-06 11:09 AM

Seth Takes the Stage
17-Nov-06 2:35 AM

Vata's Windowbox
16-Nov-06 1:38 AM

Untitled Seth Doodle
31-Oct-06 2:27 AM

Thumbs Up
12-Oct-06 12:43 AM

Look at my Butt! (featuring Seth)
10-Oct-06 12:43 AM

Curvy Vata
12-Sep-06 1:02 AM

Seth Butt
09-Sep-06 3:04 AM

06-Sep-06 12:00 AM

Griffe in a Thong
02-Sep-06 12:00 AM

Vested Interest
30-Aug-06 12:04 AM

Griffe Gambols
25-Aug-06 1:38 AM

Seth With a Ribbon
18-Aug-06 1:12 AM

C'est Griffe!
13-Aug-06 2:11 AM

The Dance Lesson
10-Aug-06 12:54 AM

Vata Slinks
25-Jul-06 1:00 AM

Dans le Boudoir
20-Jul-06 11:57 PM

In the Garden
16-Jul-06 2:25 AM

Seth: Back to His Roots
16-Jun-06 12:31 AM

Reclining Wolf
14-Jun-06 1:04 AM

Vata with Veil
11-Jun-06 2:02 AM

Vata Stretches
30-May-06 12:48 AM

Vata at the Ready!
27-May-06 12:30 AM

An Important Lesson
24-May-06 12:51 AM

A Dance for the Barbarian King
17-May-06 1:02 AM

Highs and Lows
05-May-06 12:00 AM

20-Apr-06 1:15 AM

Vata Vogues
19-Apr-06 1:39 AM

Seth Flyby
17-Apr-06 1:05 AM

Flying Fennec
16-Apr-06 2:11 AM

All Danced Out
15-Apr-06 1:52 AM

Vata Rage
14-Apr-06 12:56 AM

Vata's Foxy Friend
08-Apr-06 1:46 AM

Rise Up
31-Mar-06 12:00 AM

Vata Revisited
21-Mar-06 1:23 AM

Something in the Night
06-Mar-06 2:11 AM

Vata, the Morning After
29-Jan-06 12:00 AM

Vata Pole-Dances
28-Dec-05 12:00 AM

Vatas Lover
26-Nov-05 12:00 AM

Underwear Ad
11-Nov-05 12:00 AM

Vata and Friend
08-Oct-05 12:00 AM

Vata Tease
18-Sep-05 12:00 AM

Vata Fennec IV
04-Sep-05 12:00 AM

Fennec Streaking
22-Aug-05 12:00 AM

Fennec Lounges
16-Aug-05 12:00 AM

Belly Dancer
10-Aug-05 12:00 AM

Harem Fox
08-Aug-05 12:00 AM


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