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1001 Vata Pics...

LARP Wizard/Cleric Guy... Final

Shady Wuffy

Stripping Fox - Final!

i has a sign - colour!

Fox/Husky Snuggle - In COLOUR!

Peppermint Stick

Cube Frustration... Final?

Candy Kitty

Festive Wuff Bum in Colour!

Seth's Love Bulge - Final

Shivers & Timber Commission - Finished!

Tech Husky Happened - Final

Griffe Ribbon Redux - Final

Mayda's Bum - Shading

Wuffy's New Rubber - Final

Warm Spot in the Arctic - Finished

Vata Checks his Bum - Nearly Finished!


Irate at his Zipper - Final

Wufflinks in Colour!

Wuffy in a Catsuit - Color!

Husky Infiltration


Echo Beach - COLOR!

Anonymous Hug Shaded


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