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Category: The Wuffy

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My Poor Huskies
06-Oct-10 12:24 AM

Wuffy Face!
03-Oct-10 11:58 PM

Evil Husky
03-Oct-10 12:00 AM

Doodle - Toon Wuff Vs Real Wuff!
28-Aug-10 4:28 PM

Tail Curl - Final Shading
09-Aug-10 12:20 AM

Tail Curl Shading!
08-Aug-10 6:29 PM

Buttless Chaps... Nearly Done?
07-Aug-10 4:51 PM

Butless Chaps - Shading the Fur
06-Aug-10 12:55 AM

Wuffy Badge - Colored!
05-Aug-10 12:19 AM

Wuffy Badge Inked!
04-Aug-10 12:48 AM

Wuffy Badge Sketch
01-Aug-10 2:55 PM

Buttless Chaps - Shiny Rubber
30-Jul-10 12:49 AM

Buttless Chaps - Flats
29-Jul-10 12:56 AM

Wuffy Nap (from life)
25-Jul-10 5:28 PM

Wuffy in Buttless Chaps
20-Jul-10 12:30 AM

Couch Wuffy
30-May-10 2:39 PM

Give a Paw - Inked!
01-May-10 3:52 PM

Hey There!
28-Apr-10 12:22 AM

Wuffy Thong
27-Apr-10 12:32 AM

Birthday Yote!
23-Apr-10 12:37 AM

Wuffy Sez...
18-Apr-10 7:50 PM

Wuffy Bust Speed Painting
16-Apr-10 12:47 AM

Wuffy Has a Toothache
14-Apr-10 12:07 AM

Bulgy Wuff
15-Mar-10 12:05 AM

Wuffy's Impressive Mane
04-Mar-10 1:38 AM

Two Huskies
19-Feb-10 1:44 AM

Belated Cuddles!
15-Feb-10 1:27 PM

A Very Flat Wuffy
11-Feb-10 1:04 AM

Wuffy and a Computer
10-Feb-10 1:14 AM

Toon Wuffy Bits... Avec Colour!
16-Jan-10 2:13 AM

Toon Wuffy Bits - Now With Ink!
15-Jan-10 2:32 AM

Toony Wuff Bits
11-Jan-10 1:14 AM

Tail Curl - Flats
30-Dec-09 1:48 AM

Buttless Chaps
19-Nov-09 1:04 AM

Wuffy Is Sly
10-Nov-09 12:01 AM

Wuffy Eats Turkey
12-Oct-09 1:46 PM

Unimpressed Puppy
07-Oct-09 12:37 AM

Cuddles are Pain
27-Sep-09 3:00 PM

Puppy Get!
20-Sep-09 2:42 PM

Puppy on the Brain
15-Sep-09 12:06 AM

Wuffy Looking... Coy? - Inked
01-Sep-09 11:59 PM

Play Bow - Inked!
29-Aug-09 11:07 PM

Burying a Bone - Inked!
26-Aug-09 12:22 AM

Wuffy Bum Tail
16-Aug-09 2:29 PM

Wuffy Scritches Self
28-Jul-09 9:31 PM

Fuzzy Wuff
11-Jul-09 10:18 AM

Husky Got the Ball
27-Jun-09 2:16 AM

Tongue-Curl Husky
12-Jun-09 1:07 AM

WIP - Husky Plots - Texture
02-Jun-09 11:20 PM

WIP - Wuffy Plots
31-May-09 2:06 PM

WIP - Wuffy Plots Flat Colour
28-May-09 11:28 AM

Ensign Wuffy
10-May-09 5:35 PM

Wuffy Points at a Table
01-May-09 12:23 AM

Kneeling Wuffy
26-Apr-09 11:42 PM

The Husky Plots
24-Apr-09 12:40 AM

Fursuit Husky
14-Apr-09 12:45 AM

Running Wuffy
09-Apr-09 12:13 AM

Wuffy Dreams...
07-Apr-09 11:14 PM

Wuffy with Extra Fluff
27-Mar-09 12:39 AM

Wuffy Bone - Finished!
18-Mar-09 12:13 AM

WIP - Wuffy Bone in Color!
16-Mar-09 11:34 PM

More Wuffy Bondage
07-Mar-09 1:56 PM

Wuffy Bone - Inked!
04-Mar-09 1:42 AM

Blah Blah Blah
01-Mar-09 3:44 PM

Another Couch Wuffy
23-Feb-09 10:46 PM

Wuffy Valentine!
14-Feb-09 4:40 PM

Cookies! (final)
01-Feb-09 12:58 PM

WIP - Cookies! in Colour
30-Jan-09 1:29 AM

Just A Wuff Face
26-Jan-09 1:49 AM

17-Jan-09 12:38 PM

16-Jan-09 1:02 AM

Wuffy's Drumsticks
09-Jan-09 2:04 AM

Bondy Wuffy
07-Jan-09 1:00 AM

Burying a Bone
31-Dec-08 1:58 AM

Wuffy in Snow
22-Dec-08 2:16 AM

Sleepy Wuffy Doodle
15-Dec-08 1:13 AM

Husky Stare
05-Dec-08 2:10 AM

Margarita Wuff
30-Nov-08 2:50 AM

Wuffy X-Treme
28-Nov-08 1:51 AM

Happy Birthday Wuffy!
18-Nov-08 11:41 PM

Coy Wuffy
02-Nov-08 3:26 PM

Rubber Tail
24-Oct-08 12:46 AM

A Tender and Naked Moment
19-Oct-08 3:30 PM

Sick Wuffy
16-Oct-08 11:09 PM

Random Wuffy with Rose
12-Oct-08 2:31 PM

The Wuffy Armed for Epic Battle
28-Sep-08 3:54 PM

Wuffy Scans the Far Horizons...
22-Sep-08 12:21 AM

20-Sep-08 11:46 AM

13-Sep-08 1:51 AM

Play Bow
12-Sep-08 12:00 AM

Wuffy Rocks Out
08-Sep-08 12:55 AM

Wuffy With Bone In Suit
18-Aug-08 12:00 AM

Festive Wuffy Bum Repainted
14-Aug-08 11:59 PM

The Wuffy is Kneeling on Something
10-Aug-08 2:48 PM

Rollerblading Huskies
29-Jul-08 12:39 AM

Wuff Out Window
30-Jun-08 10:40 AM

Random Wuffy Pic
22-Jun-08 12:39 PM

Quickie - Wuffy in Ballmitts
20-Jun-08 2:05 AM

The Wuffy is Home
19-Jun-08 1:06 AM

Wuffy's new Jacket
08-Jun-08 10:59 AM

Three Huskies for the Price of One
30-May-08 1:09 AM

Toon Wuff, Toon Suit
29-May-08 12:52 AM

Puppy on a Stump - Flat Colors
20-May-08 11:49 PM

Plushies are Fluffies!1
11-May-08 12:19 PM

Shady Wuffy
10-Apr-08 9:52 PM

Slinky Wuffy - Inks and Flats
30-Mar-08 11:16 PM

Puppy on a Stump
30-Mar-08 3:03 PM

Slinky Wuffy
29-Mar-08 1:32 AM

Toony Husky Panting
28-Mar-08 12:45 AM

19-Mar-08 12:37 AM

Wuffy Plots in Color and Shiny!
18-Mar-08 12:05 AM

Wuffy Plots!
17-Mar-08 12:41 AM

A Worried Husky
03-Mar-08 1:58 AM

Toony Wuff
27-Feb-08 12:38 AM

Husky Speed Painting
18-Feb-08 2:47 AM

Dire Straits!
10-Feb-08 1:59 PM

i has a sign - colour!
03-Feb-08 3:02 PM

I Has A Sign!
01-Feb-08 2:12 AM

Snuggling the Wuffy
24-Jan-08 1:25 AM

Husky Up To Waist In Snow
28-Dec-07 1:11 AM

Santa Husky!
24-Dec-07 12:35 AM

Driving in Quebec
22-Dec-07 11:51 PM

Festive Wuff Bum in Colour!
17-Dec-07 1:21 AM

Festive Wuffy Bum
16-Dec-07 5:50 PM

01-Dec-07 6:09 PM

19-Nov-07 2:10 AM

These Are Mine! (NSFW)
15-Nov-07 11:15 PM

Wuffy and Husky
12-Nov-07 1:43 AM

Wuffy Playing With Phone
11-Nov-07 1:49 PM

Losing Pants
21-Oct-07 5:09 PM

11-Oct-07 12:51 AM

Wuffy With Bone and Suit
09-Oct-07 12:50 AM

Wuffy Digital Speed Painting
24-Sep-07 12:28 AM

Feral Doodle - Flat Wuffy
01-Sep-07 4:50 PM

Tech Husky Happened - Final
25-Aug-07 2:07 AM

Husky Tech Support - Flats
23-Aug-07 11:58 PM

Husky Tech Support - Digital Inks
23-Aug-07 1:15 AM

Wuffy's New Rubber - Final
19-Aug-07 3:45 PM

Wuffy's New Rubber - Shaded Figure
18-Aug-07 2:34 AM

Wuffy's New Rubber - Stupid Shirt
17-Aug-07 1:29 AM

Husky Happens at 5:00 AM
05-Aug-07 12:54 PM

Wuffy's New Rubber - Flat Colors
04-Aug-07 2:24 PM

Wuffy's New Rubber - Inked!
03-Aug-07 1:04 AM

01-Aug-07 1:04 AM

26-Jul-07 1:39 AM

New Rubber - Partly Colored
23-Jul-07 1:02 AM

Wuffy's New Rubber
22-Jul-07 2:16 PM

Wuffy Reading
08-Jul-07 4:20 PM

Come and Claim Him!
30-Jun-07 5:09 PM

Wufflinks in Colour!
12-Jun-07 12:45 AM

The Wuffy Kennel
11-Jun-07 1:03 AM

10-Jun-07 4:07 PM

Wuffy in a Catsuit - Color!
07-Jun-07 1:17 AM

Wuffy and his Entourage
03-Jun-07 2:28 PM

Wuffy on My Couch
27-May-07 3:05 PM

Bondage Wuffy (Mildly NSFW)
22-May-07 1:21 AM

Happy Husky on a Cabinet
14-May-07 12:50 AM

Wuffy and his New CD Stackers
11-May-07 12:41 AM

Woodsy scene w/ Husky
04-May-07 12:00 AM

The Long-Awaited Return of Wuffy in a Catsuit
24-Apr-07 1:08 AM

Wooo-wooo-wooo - Mildly NSFW
09-Apr-07 12:49 AM

Curled-up Wuffy
01-Apr-07 2:55 PM

Wuffy Sentry
29-Mar-07 1:37 AM

Server Migration
20-Mar-07 12:20 AM

Wuffy with Toy
14-Mar-07 11:40 PM

Wuffy Butt!
11-Mar-07 5:37 PM

OMG Insane Husky!
20-Feb-07 2:00 AM

Tech Support
13-Feb-07 2:16 AM

The Server is Down
07-Feb-07 1:52 AM

This is a Challenge
05-Feb-07 2:13 AM

Wuffy with Glasses
27-Jan-07 12:35 PM

Wuffy Maid
16-Jan-07 2:18 AM

Wuffy Poses Flat
14-Jan-07 3:40 AM

Happy Nude Rear!
01-Jan-07 4:06 AM

24-Dec-06 12:07 AM

Husky Happened AGAIN!
23-Dec-06 2:45 AM

Husky Elf
20-Dec-06 2:22 AM

Helium Butt
17-Dec-06 3:39 AM

Striped Undies
10-Dec-06 3:02 AM

Shower Wuffy
03-Dec-06 3:34 AM

29-Nov-06 1:36 AM

Birthday Wuff
19-Nov-06 3:16 AM

Husky Happened!
25-Oct-06 12:45 AM

Glom IV - This Time, It's Personal
13-Oct-06 12:48 AM

Wuffy Wants Attention!
09-Oct-06 1:44 AM

Husky Infiltration
25-Sep-06 12:57 AM

21-Sep-06 12:59 AM

Sleepyhead Wuffy
16-Sep-06 2:19 AM

Off Balance
01-Aug-06 12:57 AM

Summer Wuffy
27-Jul-06 1:09 AM

Seductive Wuffy
17-Jul-06 12:08 AM

21-Jun-06 12:55 AM

Hello Fluffy
19-Jun-06 12:20 AM

Wuffy Escapes!
05-Jun-06 12:51 AM

Wuffy in Wetsuit
30-May-06 9:56 PM

Miss Me Much?
23-May-06 12:45 AM

Team Wolf
18-May-06 10:25 PM

Oh, Wuffy...
08-May-06 12:18 AM

Sprawled Wuffy
04-May-06 12:49 AM

Birthday Presents
25-Apr-06 12:37 AM

BUTT!!!! Colored
12-Apr-06 12:55 AM

The Thinker
10-Apr-06 12:06 AM

Night of the Crepes
02-Apr-06 10:38 PM

28-Mar-06 2:09 AM

New Toys
10-Mar-06 12:00 AM

The Wuffy in Winter
27-Feb-06 12:00 AM

Wuffy with Laptop
19-Feb-06 1:33 AM

So snuggly
13-Feb-06 2:03 AM

Wuffy Sketches
28-Jan-06 4:11 AM

Meeting of the Minds
25-Jan-06 12:00 AM

Wuffy Exploring
11-Jan-06 11:22 PM

03-Jan-06 12:00 AM

Leaving on a Jet Plane
23-Dec-05 12:00 AM

Speedo Wuffy
09-Dec-05 12:00 AM

Wuffy Tied
28-Nov-05 12:00 AM

Impending Doom
27-Nov-05 12:00 AM

20-Nov-05 12:00 AM

Wuffy in Birthday Suit
19-Nov-05 12:00 AM

A Pile of Fluffy
06-Nov-05 12:00 AM

New Toy
04-Nov-05 12:00 AM

Sad Wuffy
31-Oct-05 12:00 AM

Tickle Attack 2
12-Oct-05 12:00 AM

Dear Sirs
11-Oct-05 12:00 AM

Kyoote Snuggles
07-Oct-05 12:00 AM

Drain Wuffy
30-Sep-05 12:00 AM

Tickle Attack!
14-Sep-05 12:00 AM

Helium Butt
10-Sep-05 12:00 AM

Locked Wuffy
08-Sep-05 12:00 AM

Plushie Snuggle
06-Sep-05 12:00 AM

02-Sep-05 12:00 AM

Anonymous Hug Shaded
24-Aug-05 12:00 AM

Wuff Gets a Little Pussy
18-Aug-05 12:00 AM

15-Aug-05 12:00 AM

Harnessed Wolf
12-Aug-05 12:00 AM

Catsuit Couch Crash
09-Aug-05 12:00 AM

Where'd You Come From
07-Aug-05 12:00 AM

Shower Idol
04-Aug-05 12:00 AM

You're Suspended!
18-Jul-05 12:00 AM

09-Jul-05 12:00 AM

Sleeping Wuffy
08-Jul-05 12:00 AM

05-Jul-05 12:00 AM

Cooling Down
04-Jul-05 12:00 AM

I want you!
30-Jun-05 12:00 AM

fountain wuffy
10-Jun-05 12:00 AM

09-Jun-05 12:00 AM

Curbed Dog
08-Jun-05 12:00 AM

fluffy wuffy with bone
06-Jun-05 12:00 AM

wuff on couch number three
03-Jun-05 12:00 AM

sleeping wuffy
27-May-05 12:00 AM

Couch wolf
20-May-05 12:00 AM


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